If it isn’t already obvious, we love shooting 35mm film at weddings. The reasons behind our passion are numerous but the essence lies in the captivating aesthetic that film brings and the consideration it demands for each shot, making every frame special. Film isn’t perfect, but that’s often the beauty of it.

Our journey into film photography began during Tom’s time studying fine art photography at university. For the first two years of the course, the only photos that could be submitted were those taken on film. Ever since, we have always kept at least one film camera within arm’s reach, ready to capture moments from our daily lives and travels. This deep-rooted passion and appreciation for shooting on film made it an obvious choice to incorporate this beautiful medium into weddings too.

The role of 35mm film at weddings

While the majority of shots taken on wedding days are captured with our incredible digital cameras, film cameras come into play when a perfect, unrepeatable moment unfolds before us, calling for the touch of an analogue camera.

In addition to our digital camera bodies, we always carry an additional film camera loaded with a colour film, another with black and white and often a compact point-and-shoot film camera which will join us on the dance floor to capture all the mayhem!

Bride and groom on dance floor captured on 35mm film

This sparing use of 35mm film at weddings is intentional, as each shot receives meticulous consideration, thought and love. This careful approach results in images that truly narrate the story of the moment, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the captured emotions, whether it’s tears of joy, infectious laughter, or the love of a couple strolling hand in hand into the distant sunset.

Luxury wedding tablescape captured on 35mm film

The enchanting aesthetic of 35mm film

Film possesses a breathtaking aesthetic that digital photos, even with extensive editing, struggle to replicate. The inherent grain of film adds a quality to the photos that some may perceive as imperfect. However, it is this very flaw that renders an image perfect in our mind. Embracing its imperfections is where the true beauty of film lies.

35mm exudes a dreamy allure, becoming the ideal medium for capturing the most cherished moments at a wedding. To ensure consistency, we meticulously select film types that align with our vision, maintaining reliability and enhancing the overall beauty of the images.

Golden hour couple portrait session captured on 35mm film at wedding

Encouraging deliberate consideration

One of the reasons we adore shooting 35mm film at weddings is its ability to to force us to truly consider each shot and, more importantly, understand the art of photography. Unlike digital cameras, where one can check the back of the screen after every shot and adjust settings accordingly, shooting on film demands a deep understanding of the camera’s mechanics and the impact of altering settings. This comprehension, acquired through practice and experience, ultimately makes us better photographers when using digital equipment.

Bride and groom captured on 35mm film

We love shooting 35mm film at weddings; if analogue photography resonates with you too then we’d LOVE to hear from you! You can get in touch here to check our availability and book a video call so we can talk all things film!