Confetti wedding photography tips

Confetti wedding photography tips

The confetti shot: it’s a moment brimming with joy, a burst of colour and an eruption of emotion that couples eagerly anticipate when they first glance through their wedding photos. As much as we love capturing these shots, executing it flawlessly requires quick thinking and precision. Here are our confetti wedding photography tips to ensure this magical moment is captured perfectly every time:

Create a cosy confetti tunnel

Encourage your guests to huddle closer, narrowing the confetti tunnel. A snugger aisle not only looks more intimate in photos but also amplifies the confetti effect for that perfect shot.

Confetti wedding photography tips

Slow down and savour the moment

There’s no need to rush this memorable walk. By taking your time, the confetti flutters gracefully, allowing for stunning captures. Plus, it lets you truly soak in the love and excitement of those surrounding you.

Pause for a kiss

In line with keeping it slow, why not stop midway for a quick kiss? Stationary confetti shots are incredibly romantic and offer a beautiful, static backdrop that contrasts beautifully with the dynamic excitement of walking through the tunnel.

Confetti wedding photography tips

Go big with you confetti choice

When it comes to confetti, the motto is ‘go big, or go home’. Opt for large, biodegradable petals for a dramatic, impactful visual. These not only look spectacular in photos but are also eco-friendly.

Enjoy every second

Above all, the most crucial tip is to enjoy the moment. This is your day, your celebration, and your love story being told.

Confetti wedding photography tips

Looking to capture every magical detail of your day with the same care, creativity and charm? We’re here to help make every moment, especially those as joyful as the confetti toss, unforgettable. Get in touch to discuss how we can bring your dreams to life and preserve your memories with the elegance and emotion they deserve.