A Perfect Setting in the Cotswolds

Nicola and Reggie’s summer wedding at the breathtaking Cripps & Co Stone Barn was a day to remember. Set in the picturesque heart of the Cotswolds, Stone Barn offered an idyllic backdrop for their celebration, presenting endless photographic opportunities at every turn.

The Ceremony Under Clear Skies

Arriving just in time for the ceremony, I was greeted by the stunning outdoor setup in front of the barn, adorned with extraordinary floral arrangements. Despite the early threat of rain, the skies graciously cleared, setting the stage for a beautiful beginning to the festivities.

Confetti, Canapés, and Countryside Charm

Following the ceremony, guests created a memorable confetti tunnel inside the barn, marking one of the longest I’ve ever captured. The reception kicked off with Prosecco and exquisite canapés courtesy of Stone Barn’s talented chefs. The surrounding countryside, a dream for any photographer, provided the perfect setting for Nicola and Reggie’s couple shots, which were as enjoyable to capture as they were stunning.

A Feast and Emotional Speeches

The wedding breakfast was met with guests’ enthusiastic cheers, enjoying a three-course meal prepared over open flames in the barn’s kitchen. The speeches, nestled between courses, were a heartfelt mix of laughter and tears.

Embracing the Golden Hour

As evening approached, the sun’s golden rays enveloped Stone Barn, presenting an irresistible opportunity for Nicola and Reggie’s photo session. We capitalised on this brief, magical moment, capturing the couple amidst the soft glow that only the hour before sunset can provide.

The Party of a Lifetime

The celebration continued into the night with an epic first dance in the barn’s cathedral-like atmosphere, followed by a surprise saxophone performance by Reggie. The night was punctuated with sparklers, leaving guests to revel under the stars as I departed.

Let’s capture your story

If you envision a wedding day that blends natural beauty with heartfelt moments, let’s connect. Reach out to us to explore how we can immortalise your day with the same care, creativity, and attention to detail. Let’s make your wedding not just an event, but a collection of timeless memories.