A deep dive into luxury wedding photography

Following an invaluable introduction to the world of editorial photography with Benjamin Wheeler, part two of this workshop showcase focuses on the nuanced realm of luxury wedding photography and, specifically, luxury couple portraits.

Mastery behind the lens

The focus on luxury wedding photography presented us with the unique challenges and expectations that come with high-end nuptials. We explored how to craft images that not only narrate a couple’s story but do so with an elegance and richness that aligns with the luxurious setting and details of their day. This required a keen eye for the subtle yet impactful elements that define luxury – be it the intricate lace on a designer gown or the delicate arrangements of a floral centrepiece.

Collaborating with creativity

What set this experience apart was the collaborative spirit among the workshop attendees and the featured suppliers. From The Good Florist who create art with blooms, to Wiskow and White who envision and bring to life breathtaking scenes, every individual contributed to a comprehensive understanding of luxury wedding photography. This synergy allowed us to practice capturing moments that felt both grand and intimate, ensuring every shot reflected the lavish essence of the occasion.

The art of storytelling

In the heart of luxury wedding photography lies the art of storytelling. Each frame is thoughtfully composed to tell a part of the couple’s story, with a focus on emotions, setting, and details that make their day unique. The workshop honed our skills in narrative-driven photography, emphasising the importance of each image as a chapter in the larger tale.

Crafting your luxurious narrative

If you’re dreaming of wedding photography that exudes elegance and captures the essence of your day, let’s connect. Our approach to luxury wedding photography is about more than just images; it’s about creating a timeless narrative of your love story. Reach out to us to discuss how we can document your day with the sophistication and attention to detail it deserves.


Host : Benjamin Wheeler
Venue: The Heritage and Arts Centre, Bow
Models: Layla Young and Chris Jacobs
Decor and styling: Wiskow and White
Bridal Attire: Amare Bride
Florals: The Good Florist
Film: Gione da Silva
Make up: Cassandra Lusi
Hair: VST Hair
Event management: Bespoke Events Management
Stationery: Vine in the WIld
Special Guest: Annabel Beeforth from Love My Dress