If you’re not a professional photographer, terms such as “documentary wedding photography,” “reportage wedding photography,” and “story-telling wedding photography” might be unfamiliar to you. However, as niche wedding photography has gained popularity over the years, these types of photography styles have become increasingly essential.

At its core, documentary wedding photography refers to capturing events that are happening naturally in front of the photographer. In short, the photographer becomes an observer documenting the proceedings, instead of directing them.

Bath documentary wedding photography

Why You Should Consider Documentary Wedding Photography

By focusing on the small moments as they unfold, a documentary wedding photographer ensures that every memory is documented. Rather than staged photos, these “real” pictures tell the story of your big day in a way that posed images simply can’t.

Additionally, the unobtrusiveness of documentary wedding photographers helps everyone involved relax and be themselves. As a result, the emotions captured on camera are genuine and unfiltered. Even individuals who aren’t comfortable with having their photo taken will feel at ease with our relaxed approach.

Our Approach to Documentary Wedding Photography

We use an unobtrusive approach to capture the big day’s small moments. As much as possible, we aim to be invisible, blending in with your guests. By doing so, we can capture genuine emotions close up without you even realising it’s happening.

Our documentary wedding photography provides a unique opportunity to tell your story with candid moments that would have otherwise been forgotten. Book us today and let us capture your wedding day as it unfolds!

Documentary wedding photography capturing candid moments during wedding speeches

Do Documentary Wedding Photographers Ignore Group and Couple Shots?

When you hear the term “documentary wedding photography,” it’s easy to assume that the photographer only focuses on candid shots and ignores every other aspect of the wedding. However, that isn’t the case at all.

We recognise the importance of posed group shots and couple photos. They’re an integral part of your wedding album and allow you to capture memories that you’ll cherish forever. Even then, we ensure that these shots remain authentic to the day, free from rigidity and over-staging.

Group Shots

We ask our clients to provide a list of required group shots, specifying that each group will take approximately 3-5 minutes. That way, they can budget their time accordingly and maximise their time with guests during the event. While we may adopt a less documentary approach for these group shots, we still maintain a relaxed and flexible style to preserve the authenticity of the day.

Group photos with a documentary wedding photography approach

Couple Photos

We absolutely love capturing couple shots and believe it is an essential part of what we do. However, unlike other photographers, we strive to keep things as natural and authentic as possible. We may suggest a spot and give a general direction, but we won’t over-pose or force you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Instead, we aim to photograph you and your partner just being yourselves and enjoying each other’s company.

Couples photos with a documentary wedding photography approach

As documentary wedding photographers, we focus on capturing candid moments unfolding naturally around us. However, that doesn’t mean we ignore essential aspects such as group and couple shots. Instead, we keep things as natural and true to the day as possible, ensuring that your final collection of images tells an authentic story of your special day that you’ll cherish forever.