Hiring a second photographer may initially seem a little excessive, however there is good reasoning behind many people opting for two people capturing the iconic moments of your wedding day. The benefit of having more than one photographer is simple; this allows much more coverage of your celebrations from the very first glimpses of the bride to the intimate first dance, the variety of angles and volume of imagery is elevated.

Double The Fun

Weddings of a large scale can particularly benefit from selecting two photographers as it allows double the chance of those lovely memories to be documented. In the instance of larger scale weddings, it can be advantageous to have two photographers simultaneously snapping every second of this magical milestone in your lives, with complete coverage and broadening the creative opportunities.

A logical motive for incorporating two professionals to oversee the wedding photography for larger scale ceremonies is the greater sense of time management: With two photographers, your wedding day timeline will run more efficiently. One photographer can focus on the bride while the other focuses on the groom, or one can capture the ceremony while the other captures the reception.

Innovative Angles

A creative shot which is favoured by many couples is capturing the expressions of the bride and groom at the exact time from two juxtaposing camera perspectives. This really connotes the sincere emotions being felt by both individuals at that very moment.

My absolute aim is to provide my clients with a stress-free wedding day. With two professional photographers handling your wedding photos, you can rest easy knowing that all of your memories are being captured in the highest quality.

I offer an exclusive package extra of an additional photographer to help achieve the best results for documenting your big day. Pairing myself with another fantastic photographer for an extra £500 can ensure no moment is missed and brings in an artistic element of allowing the same nano-second to be viewed from opposing angles, depths, focus etc; really captivating the uniqueness of your wedding from varying perspectives. If you’re contemplating choosing the additional photographer wedding extra to your package, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today and we can work through any queries or concerns you may have and find a solution to enable your wedding day to run flawlessly.