Nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, Chalk Barn was the canvas for a series of timeless and enchanting couple portraits during our recent styled shoot. While the entire setup was magical, our focus today is on the romantic, fun, and beautifully minimalistic 35mm portraits of Layla and Chris, which showcase our passion for film photography.

The impact of 35mm film in wedding photography

Shooting with 35mm film isn’t just a stylistic choice—it’s a statement. In the world of wedding photography, where authenticity clashes with perfection, film brings an undeniable grit and texture that digital images often miss. Layla and Chris’s portraits strip away the usual gloss, offering a raw, unfiltered look at their connection. This isn’t about capturing flawless scenes; it’s about preserving real, palpable moments in their most honest form, with all the grain and character that only film can deliver.

Golden hour and 35mm portraits

The allure of golden hour isn’t just about soft lighting – it’s about how it can transform ordinary moments into a visceral experience. Paired with 35mm film, the results are even more profound. During our shoot, the low, golden light mingled with the rustic landscapes around Chalk Barn, capturing Layla and Chris in a series of of 35mm portraits that are as unpolished as they are captivating, accentuating the raw and unposed emotions of the moment.

Why analogue wedding photography strikes a chord with our couples

Our couples choose us because they want more than just pictures; they want their photographs to resonate on a deeper level. 35mm film, with its inherent imperfections and grain, offers a tactile quality to images that digital photography often can’t match. It’s this authenticity that draws in couples looking for something beyond the conventional – those seeking imagery that’s not only seen but felt.

Incorporating 35mm film in our wedding collections

At the heart of our wedding photography collections is a commitment to film photography. Every package we offer gives couples the opportunity to have their moments captured on 35mm film. For the true analogue enthusiast, we offer an ultimate film add on, ensuring that every moment of their wedding day is documented with the distinctive quality and depth that only film can provide.

If you’re planning your wedding and have a love for the timeless, editorial style of 35mm portraits, we would love to be a part of your journey. We’re committed to capturing authentic, timeless and fun portraits that tell your unique story. Visit our contact page to start the conversation about how we can bring your wedding day memories to life through the art of film.


Photographer: The Falkenburgs
Venue: Chalk Barn
Model couple: The Jacobs
Florist: Milston Flower Barn
Dress: Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Earrings: Kiri and Belle
Hair: Nettie does my Hair
Makeup: Stephanie Warren Makeup and Leanne O’Neill Makeup
Photobooth: Swit Swoo Photobooths
Pizza: Pizza Revolution