In November, we had the delightful opportunity to accompany Kate and Harvey for their engagement portraits in the charming Cotswold village of Castle Combe. Nestled just a stone’s throw from our Gloucestershire base, Castle Combe had long been on our list for capturing some beautiful portraits, with its picturesque setting as the perfect backdrop.

Embracing an early start helped us to sidestep the usual tourist bustle, and even amidst a gentle drizzle, Kate and Harvey’s enthusiasm for the photoshoot shone through. Their trust in our creative vision and willingness to immerse themselves in the experience brought forth vibrant and authentic engagement portraits, vividly encapsulating the joy and spontaneity of their relationship.

Our exploration of the village included an interlude at the Manor Hotel, after which we ventured into the surrounding woodlands. This shift in scenery added a nuanced tone to our portrait session. Our engagement photoshoots typically span about 90 minutes, a duration that comfortably allows for a journey through multiple settings and even provides the chance for an outfit change, should couples wish to showcase varied styles.

Booking engagement portraits with the Falkenburgs

We offer these engagement portraits both as a complement to our wedding photography packages for existing clients and as an independent service for couples who haven’t yet chosen their photographer. These sessions are an ideal way to celebrate your engagement, reflecting your unique personalities and the bond you share as a couple. While we’re always ready with suggestions for stunning locations, we equally cherish when couples opt for places that hold special significance to them.

These moments, captured in our signature editorial style, are more than just photographs; they’re a celebration of your journey together, a testament to the art of storytelling through imagery. Let us help you immortalise this exciting chapter in your life with portraits that resonate with emotion and elegance.