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Super 8 wedding videography at Somerset wedding
Super 8 wedding videography at Bristol wedding
Super 8 wedding videography at Kent wedding

At The Falkenburgs, our love for film extends to the enchanting world of Super 8 wedding videography, a medium that beautifully complements our storytelling ethos. It encapsulates the essence of timeless, romantic, and nostalgic storytelling‚ÄĒeverything we believe a wedding video should embody.

The Resurgence of Super 8

Kodak introduced Super 8 to the world in 1965, making home videos accessible to the masses. While it never truly faded away, recent times have witnessed a resurgence in its popularity, thanks to its distinctive and beautiful aesthetic. Super 8’s dreamlike quality, with its slightly soft edges, lends itself perfectly to weddings, especially in the realm of short wedding highlight films. The imperfections inherent in Super 8, much like 35mm film, contribute to its unique allure.

Why choose Super 8 for your wedding day?

Super 8 film rolls, offering approximately 3 minutes of footage, provide the perfect duration to encapsulate unfolding moments. Absent of direct sound recording, we weave individually selected music into our videos, adding a personalised touch. Designed to be handheld, Super 8 seamlessly integrates into our wedding packages, allowing simultaneous capture of stills and moving images, enhancing the overall visual narrative.

Adding Super 8 wedding videography to your photography package

At The Falkenburgs, we offer Super 8 as an additional add-on to your wedding photography package. This enhancement entails the inclusion of one roll of Super 8 film, allowing us to artfully capture and weave together timeless moments from your special day. For couples who truly appreciate the unique allure of Super 8, additional film rolls can be added. This personalised touch ensures that your wedding video becomes a cinematic masterpiece, a moving testament to your love story.

View more examples of our Super 8 highlight films in our portfolio or to request our investment guide which includes details pertaining all of our photography add ons, contact us here.