Natural wedding photography in the Cotswolds

James and Laura’s wedding day in Miserden, Gloucestershire, was a masterclass in personal touches and community spirit. The quaint village hall served as a blank canvas, transformed by the couple and their families into a celebration that was both intimate and uniquely theirs. The dedication to detail was evident, from the homegrown flowers to the handcrafted decorations, capturing a welcoming atmosphere that felt like a warm, community gathering.

Capturing moments

As the wedding unfolded, my focus was on capturing the essence of the day through natural wedding photography: those spontaneous smiles, heartfelt greetings, and the serene ambiance of the Cotswolds setting. The groom, his ushers, and the arriving guests provided a plethora of such genuine moments, each adding a layer to the day’s joyful narrative.

A dreamy ceremony

Set against the backdrop of a magnificent oak, the ceremony space was nothing short of enchanting. Laura’s arrival in a vintage VW camper and her bespoke dress, designed by a close friend, added a personal flair that complemented the natural surroundings perfectly. The humanist ceremony was a beautiful blent of emotion and personalised touches, culminating in a petal shower from flowers grown and dried by Laura and her mother.

Relaxed reception and portraits

The reception was a laid-back affair, filled with laughter. Taking advantage of the relaxed atmosphere, I captured some family group portraits and then stole the couple away fora brief portrait session in Miserden’s picturesque setting, showcasing the iconic Cotswold stone as a stunning backdrop.

Feast, speeches and ceilidh fun

The wedding breakfast was a culinary hit, followed by speeches that struck the perfect balance between humour and sentiment. The evening’s ceilidh was high-energy affair, with guests enthusiastically participating in the dance, ensuring the celebration continued long into the night.

Capturing moments through natural wedding photography

James and Laura’s wedding was a testament to the beauty and authenticity that natural wedding photography can capture. If you’re planning a day filled with personal touches and genuine emotion, we’d love to be part of it. Get in touch to discuss how we can document your special day with the same care and attention to detail, preserving your unique story for years to come.